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Weekly student blog by James – A Utopia?

Weekly Student Blog By James – A Utopia?

We feel the voice of our students on local, national and global affairs needs to be heard. Every week our Engage Inc. Student, James will blog on a subject of his choice

Today I am writing about the TV show called ‘Manctopia’. It tells us what sort of new housing is planning to be built in Manchester. The programme explains that Manchester is being built on a lot now, with money from property developers. Housing digital has estimated that overseas developers have invested £2billion into Manchester from 2015 – 2019.

One of the new ideas for Manchester is to knock down part of an estate in Collyhurst. A resident called Anne who on the show, told us she was worried this would mean she would have to leave the house she has lived in for 48 years. I want Manchester to be a place that people want to come to live or visit, and invest in. Tourism & investment are vital, however, it could lead to long term residents like Anne having to leave a place that she loves and calls home. It’s clear she put a lot of effort into her garden, giving it some pretty bushes and flowers and she had pots to bury the ashes of her cats and budgies that had passed away because she didn’t want to forget them.

A homeless charity Life-share provide breakfast to homeless people in the city every weekend, they had to give up their building when the owners rang them. This was for new homes to be created and the charity had to work from a car!

Finally, Ardwick is an area that has improved its reputation over recent years, a welcome result of the money it has received, it would make me more likely to live there. But the houses in Ardwick now cost up to £750,000, a price that would be impossible for me and others.

It’s estimated that the amount of affordable housing is only 20% of the building that is taking place. I believe that everyone should be able to stay in the city they love.       

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