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A Fun Sport

A Fun Sport

We feel the voice of our students on local, national and global affairs needs to be heard. Every week our Engage Inc. Student, James will blog on a subject of his choice – enjoy!

I have enjoyed sport since I was six, my favourite is football. I used to play regular games at school. My best moment was scoring a header I didn’t expect to go into the net.

This led to my parents suggesting I go to football sessions. Once a week on Monday nights, I started to go to a session.   The session helped me to learn to control my temper better and to learn new skills. One of my favoured memories is just after I started in the league games I scored my first goal, think it was my 4th game. The ball came to me inside the box, I put it into the bottom corner! With my teammates thanks, I felt over the moon to complete this all important milestone.

I miss playing football or indeed other sports like cricket & basketball. It was great for my fitness as it gave me exercise after being in school or college. Additionally, playing sports helped my mental health, I felt a lot less stressed after a session. Also it meant I improved my social skills by helping me be more confident to talk about football.

Football grounds are something I also miss, my Dad started to take me to Preston games when I was nine, with many fond memories such as being fortunate enough to see them win a promotion deciding match. I hope us fans can all experience moments like this again one day in the future.

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