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Student Blog: Bowling Trip

Student Blog: Bowling Trip

Yesterday, me and the students from Manchester Museum went on our first social trip!

We took taxis to the Printworks in the city centre to a very cool, glow in the dark bowling alley. Once there, we decided to go to the photobooth and we had lots of fun laughing at the pictures that came out.

We then got our tickets and got into groups ready to play! The groups got along very well and lots of fun and laughter was had. Claire was the overall winner winning both games! I got a little upset that I didn’t win as I am super competitive, but overall this was such a fun trip. Hoping we get to go on another trip soon!

By Aroob Abid

Simone said.

It was refreshing to see the interactions of the students across our campus, who don’t always get the opportunities to interact, due to varying days and classes. Students interacted and had conversations with many that they hadn’t before. Lots of new interactions were created and we had lots of engagement throughout the day. Being away from campus, and in a neutral environment seemed to enhance this. The encouragement, kindness and consideration of fellow students/team, made us extremely proud. The trip shown the growth of our students and the barriers that we have been navigating and overcoming throughout the year were clear to see. 

The value in these ‘team building’ trips where no expectations were upon anyone, and the ‘fun’ element of the trip shown us exactly why these trips and very much needed and invaluable to all that we encompass and more. It was great to see some of the students come into their own, experience new opportunities and develop new skills. The smiles, cheers and general conversations that were enjoyed and heard made the whole day worthwhile. I really hope that we can work on this and continue to develop these skills, friendships and more.

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