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Why I love being part of the Learning Support Team at Pinc College

Why I Love Being Part Of The Learning Support Team At Pinc College

At Pinc College, we value our skilled, dedicated, caring Learning Support Team. They are brilliant and an essential part of what we do.

Recently, we had the pleasure of speaking with two of our team members, Matt and Karen, about their experience working with our talented students. They shared their thoughts on why they love their roles and what it means to them to be part of our wonderful team.

Matt Chamberlin – Learning Support

“There’s nothing like Pinc College. As an experienced supporter assistant, working with neurodivergent students collectively for over 6 years, along with being a professional artist, I have always seen the mental and professional benefits of creative subjects.

But, in mainstream education, these students, quite often, couldn’t access art qualifications and design careers despite their artistic talents due to the lack of opportunities for neurodivergent young people, and that’s why Pinc College was created.

I’ve worked at Pinc for a year now, and in this short time, I’ve seen students who were reluctant to touch an iPad now become competent digital artists. I’ve seen shy, withdrawn students develop new friends and find their voice.

Working at Pinc College isn’t like any other job; you’re part of a family that puts the students’ interests and well-being at the top of the pyramid with catered individual learning plans.

Pinc College has endless success stories and will continue to make more.”

Karen Rogers – Learning Support

“I love my job as Learning Support at Pinc College. I can honestly say in my 25 years of working with people, it is the role I have enjoyed the most.

Learning Support is a unique role and a really privileged position to be in. Your tasks are different every day, but the core of the work is always the same – The Student!

Pinc places the student at the top of everything we do, and as Learning Support, this is an incredibly encouraging ethos to work within. We are able to support our students, meet their unique individual needs and tailor our approach with helpful strategies in ways that might not be possible in other learning environments.

SEND education and the recognition of a neurodivergent student body have come a long way in the last 10 years, but Pinc College and the team here are really at the cutting edge of what it means to fully empower students.

For me, the best part of my job is having the time to really get to know our students, helping them to advocate for themselves and being a part of their creative journey. I get to see our students grow and develop every day and by the time they leave us they are that much closer to reaching their potential as the amazing individuals they all are.”

We love hearing the positive stories of our Team Members here at Pinc College, as they are a real testament to the dedication and hard work of the Learning Support workers. Our focus on student needs and creativity, along with providing tailored individual learning plans to help them reach their full potential, allows us to empower our neurodivergent students.

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