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What is a typical day at Pinc College?

What Is A Typical Day At Pinc College?
  • A practical experience using the museum studio and exhibitions for inspiration
  • Always built up of different activities and creative tasks to help our students to achieve
  • Exploring staged, agreed steps to develop skills and understanding

An overview –  A studio day outlined

  • 10:00 am Start the day by sitting down with Pinc College team to discuss tasks and to plan steps forward
  • Fill out session goals as a ‘to do’ list agreed by the student and teacher together.
  • Join in workshop activities as an individual or as part of a group. This could be in order to learn a new technique or to explore skills students have already experienced.
  • Lunch Break – We very often eat together as a studio team
  • Further workshop activities – either an extension of the activity from the morning or a development of the work created so far. Or a progression to the next task.
  • A review of session goals together, what’s left to do, how can we build on progress so far? Student and teacher discuss development and achievement of creative work for the day.

The Practical Work

  • Session goals are agreed to help our students to set realistic targets and activities are staged to build up their creative skills using workshop activities.
  • These can be from a very wide range of practices; drawing, painting, photography, graphic design, print, sewing machine practice, fashion illustration, mark making, crafted model making, textile techniques, and much more. These are developed as an individual or as part of a group.
  • New techniques are taught as small groups but once students have an understanding and gain practical experience, we encourage individual exploration and experimentation to help build confidence and skill.
  • The creative work which students develop is explored in response to the studio surroundings and the requirements of their qualification. The Museum has a vast array of displays, information and visiting artists and practitioners to help support student growth and the development of their art and craft ideas.

Engagement, Creativity, Way Finding & Growth

  • Our students build up confidence, independence and practical skill.
  • They engage with a variety of techniques and processes and in turn learn more about their own strengths and how to approach challenges with a different mindset.
  • Achievement of qualification goals and successes in creative education.

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