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Careers Focus Spotlight

As the Specialist College for creative education in the North West, focusing on creative study pathways for 16-25 year olds, here are some inclusive career routes in the arts, heritage & creative sectors. 

Karen Brackenridge

Karen Brackenridge

Hello! I have many roles at Manchester Museum, I am part of the visitor team, a volunteer assistant and now I am supporting Manchester Museums’ Inclusive, Caring and Imaginative activities. I have been working at the museum now for  25yrs and everyday is as exciting as my very first day!

Anna Bunney, Engagement Manager

My name is Anna Bunney and my job in the Museum is Engagement Manager. Day to day I work with lots of different people to encourage them to use the museum to learn more about themselves, each other and the world. I enjoy my job in the Museum as a I love working with people and love to learn.

Anna Bunney

Chiara – Visitor Assistant

Hi, my name is Chiara and my job in the Museum is Visitor Assistant. I take care of the safety and the enjoyment of the visitors, during their visit and remotely with digital engagement strategies. I love Museums and Art Galleries, and I like to share this passion making a difference in peoples lives, especially finding always new ways to increase the level of accessibility of the collection and helping with the inclusiveness of all visitors. I graduated in Set Design at the Fine Arts Academy in Italy and I have been working in national theatres and museums ever since.

María José, Visitor Assistant

Based at the galleries, we are the connection between our visitors and our collection of more than 4.5 millions objects and specimens. The Museum is a quite lively environment that receives everyday visitors from all ages and backgrounds with different interests and needs and I enjoy helping them navigate the space, answering their questions about the collections, the Museums history or the city and talking with them about everything really as our visitors are an incredible source of knowledge, information and amazing stories.

 I love the fact that I learn everyday something new at work and I feel lucky for being able to work with and for the public.

Maria José
Alex Bird

Alex Bird, Museum Development Officer

My name is Alex Bird and I am a Museum Development Officer, which means I support museums across the North West of England be the best they can. I run training for people that work in museums covering subjects such as social media, fundraising and retail. Best thing about my job? Meeting so many people and having the opportunity to travel across the country to visit museums.

Andrea Winn, Curator of Community Exhibitions

I manage the Museums community engagement and outreach programmes and the volunteer team. I love my job because every day is different. I get to meet lots of inspiring people and work with amazing collections. We have a vast amount of fascinating objects with interesting stories to tell and we use these to engage our visitors. At the moment I’m part of the team on the development of the new South Asia Gallery and the lead for engagement for the new Chinese Cultures Gallery

Andrea Winn
Andrew Gray

Andrew Gray, Curator of Herpetology 

My name’s Andrew Gray and I am Curator of Herpetology at the Museum, where I oversee the Vivarium and use of our  live reptiles and amphibians. My job is highly varied and involves teaching, some research, and endangered species conservation. I love my job working with people and animals, and if you asked me what I wanted to do when I was younger its exactly this.

Campell Price, Curator 

My name is Campbell Price and I’m the Curator responsible for our Ancient Egyptian and Sudanese objects. Although I’m at home now surrounded by lots of books about the subject, the best thing about working at Manchester Museum is being close to real objects – most of them several thousands of years old – and sharing what they tell us about how other cultures viewed the world.

Campbell Price
Hannah Lee Chalk

Hannah-Lee Chalk, Learning Manager

As Learning Manager, I oversee a team of fantastic and talented educators who support all of the pupils and teachers who visit the museum. I really enjoy this job because I get to work with all sorts of different people and amazing collections: it is great to work in such an inspiring place and I like the fact that every day is different.

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