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Art as a Platform – A Work Ready Young Person

Art As A Platform – A Work Ready Young Person

As we specialise in engaging the hard to reach and our case studies show great positive impact for our younger students, we feel this is a bridge we can create through local Creative connection, the Spirit of Collaboration and creating opportunities for all to explore Art and Design.

The Launch of ‘Engage Inc.’ which engages NEET young people in a year long program through to Arts Award Silver Accreditation, with a mentor managed Work Experience Model, is trail blazing the way for contextualised learning programs.

One of our key strategy focusses for implementation is looking at supporting transition for post 16 young people.

We believe that harnessing the creative capital in our Towns and Cities can connect young people with viable, inclusive job opportunities in our vibrant and thriving creative industries.
Watch out for updates and blogs from our Engage Inc. students!!

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