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Isolation Nation: Case Study

Isolation Nation:
Case Study

Our young people are facing a world that is increasingly creating pockets of isolated people, feeling excluded and alone.

Professionals within education are feeling those rising numbers, especially with increased anxieties around Transition into post 16 destinations and in preparing for adult life.

Statistics show that 75% of mental illnesses start before the age of 18.

We have created a partnership project with The Silk Museum in Macclesfield

Our cohort involved are in the majority affected by both disadvantage and additional needs, making them especially vulnerable to experiencing isolation and mental health problems.

The Art Project began with an opening of dialogue and discussion around this very current topic, supported by an Art specialist Education Psychologist to ensure the wellbeing of all involved.

The students created felt clay bowls which are now on display at the Silk Museum.

Over the term, learners will take part in discussions, mental awareness sessions and skills led Art and Design Modules, designed in partnership with College) although will be enhanced by digital representations, but will result in the creation of a youth Gallery exhibition.

The project will run over a Term, with students participating for one day per week, with independent working time open to students to work in the studio on Saturdays.

The outcomes of Isolation Nation:

  • Engaged young people with complex and diverse needs welcoming youth voice
  • Reduced Social isolation
  • Peer Support
  • Sustained Connections with local buildings/businesses and College
  • Supported Transition and prepared for adult life
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