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Abby Harrison

About Me

I am the parent-governor on the board. Currently I am an unpaid carer supporting my youngest children to overcome some of the barriers they face in society, so that they can hold onto dreams, and thrive. This sounds cheesy but I try only to eat vegan cheese. I am also neurodivergent, and have struggled throughout my life, so it made even more sense for me to support Pinc in its journey forward.

I have a degree in Anthropology that I graduated from in 2020. I have co-run various adult support groups in my community. I enjoy sci-fi and fantasy fiction – mostly on the TV. I wish I had the stamina to read a lot more. I listen to a lot of music – on shuffle – to help me regulate my mood. I can knit.

I do not collect labels, but I try to centre myself around the idea that people who are marginalised because of their identity are part of my community, and that if they cannot move forward neither can I. Whether that’s because of racialised identity, because of disability or something else about your health and wellbeing you don’t label that way, gendered identity or because you’re part of the LGBTQI+ community. The list is not finite. I am a mixed Black disabled queer person. This list is not finite either BUT they are things about me that are important. They are definitely not all I am. I am excited about supporting Pinc to continue to thrive.

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